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The Gamble - Kristen Ashley

Not much I can say about this book really, it has your usual drama, romance and the heroine not communicating so causing more drama! But apart form the occasional misplacement of commas which confuses the sentence I really enjoyed this book!

on to the next in the series! :-D 

The Road to Price - Justine Elvira image
Mmmm what can I say,
Yet another 50 shades wanna be
Too many spelling errors... eg waste (the man loves feeling up garbage!) instead of waist is a constant!
and you can get pregnant by being rapped?! Careful kids a 'lil hip hop battle can make you pregnant!!image

oh OH and someone who hasn't had sex in 7 years because she was raped as a teenager she certainly jumps into bed quick enough.

And one minute she has no bra on because the dress can't allow it and the next page he's taking her bra off?!

The flow of the story is fast, too fast, I think I was getting motion sick with the speed!
And is she a strong lady or a simpering mess running away from her demons?!

The ramblings in Mia's head?? constant!! he's gorgeous, he's perfect, he's wonderful, I can't resist him... image

Spend more time developing the characters than her inner monologue!
I will read the second, see how it develops but... image
get more mates to read your stories before publishing!
Turn on a Dime - Blane's Turn (Kathleen Turner, #1.5) - Tiffany Snow I really enjoyed this book, seeing things from Blane's (and Kade's) view. I really hope Tiffany will do another book from there point of view.
It really makes me want to read the next book to see who Kathleen Chooses or if there is something more about Kade
Before The Moon Rises (Ritter Werewolves, #1) - Catherine Bybee So I love shifter romances and saw this was free on Amazon.
Normally I don't buy novella's as the stories are too quick and haphazard and you don't get to know and feel for the characters.
This novella just reminded me why I don't buy them, could have been a great story, poorly executed.
This is why I refuse to part with my hard earned cash for them.
This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas If it wasn't for the 200 pages of them going over the same thought again and again and again! it is a good story, really could of focused more on that and made it a really good book instead of his 'hard planes and arrogance' and her 'defiance'
So much more could have been made of the
But I will keep an eye out for any other books she does!
Lover Mine  - J.R. Ward I do love this series... really I do!

Half way through the book the set up for the next book starts and the people from the last book are completely forgotten, you may occasionally catch a glimpse of them.
I am so frustrated, there is so much more each couple could have had written about them, I understand the next books need to be set up but not to the extent the story is being left half said.
Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward Another great book! But as always it felt a bit rushed at the end. I wanted to know more about how rehv was feeling after
Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward It's nice to see how the books are evolving into a story more about the brotherhood and less about the romance so it is not becoming samey!
My Love Lies Bleeding - Alyxandra Harvey

I pleasant read but, a couple of days on, totally forgettable!
Really for a much younger audience, any aggressive or fight scenes are over so quickly with little description, and some were down right confusing.

Did I ever feel worried or was my heart ever in my mouth? Sadly not.
I have a the next couple of books I will probably read when I want to zone out for a couple of hours, but I wont be buying more of the series!

Hue, Tint and Shade (Petit Morts, #1)

Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price Wow 0-sex in 60 seconds! Whip lash!

Great story premise, really enjoyed that, but I felt as a novella it skimmed over things and jumped too quickly, this book could have been amazing if the author spent a bit longer writing it into a full length novel, the characters and psycop really could have become so mush more!

Great read, just a little to fast and jumpy
Lover Awakened  - J.R. Ward I am really enjoying these books.

One thing that is a little niggly for me is in my eyes each stories couples are never finished, like the last book it was never explained if Mary was just immortal or vampire but this book in passing it was mentioned that Rhage doesn't feed from her, so, I am assuming she is just immortal.
This book is the same about Zsadist and Bella, I notice these 2 have a novella so maybe that will finish the story!

I am loving these books though and am sure I will get used to the writing style!
Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2) - J.R. Ward Such a great book!
This is really shaping up to be a great series. How did I not know this series existed before now? ( At least it means I don't have to wait for book 3 as so many are already out!)
A few things have been left unanswered for me though and I am hoping it will be answered in the next book!
Zsadist.. I liked in the last book and this book I love him, I think by the end of the next book I will want to marry him :-D
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) - J.R. Ward what a great book, read it within a day, , well worth the read if you want a twist on the vampire stories and a bit of romance.
I look forward to reading about the other brothers, they all intrigue me!
Ruining Me - Nicole Reed Ugh,
Nope just not for me.
Too much of the story was taken up by what people were wearing and the actual nitty gritty of the story was skimmed over.
I felt forced to be sad, but I felt nothing for the characters at all.
I will not be reading the others.. trying to be too angsty, it just didn't work for me.
Turning Point (Kathleen Turner, #3) - Tiffany Snow what a great read!
Looking forward to the final book.
I am hoping it is a bit less of the crime/mystery and a bit more about them as it is getting a little samey, but I love the series all the same!
Turn to Me - Tiffany A. Snow Such a good story. Well written, though sometimes the crime/suspense side can be a little lacking in places but I love this story.... oh and I love Kade!