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New and confused!

The One Girl (The One Series, #2) - Laurel Ulen Curtis So I read this book straight off the back of the first one.
Tucks POV.....

I am not so sure, he felt a bit girly and kept going on about the same things a bit. When there was a bit of action towards the end of the book it just didn't seem manly enough from his view!

And the grammar. There is one sentence that for some reason I spent far to long distracted by.
when her parents are coming over and she says "you know this is going to go horribly right?"
I think it is meant to say "you know this is going to go horribly, right?" Because if she meant it the other way it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the conversation.

But they are nice contemporary romances so I am looking forward to reading Coleman's book